Mc Ren - Rebel Music

by Mc Ren

Look at The Vill twenty-twenty
Weak ass niggas done fucked up plenty
Took the rap game, nigga wanted shit
When you with The Vill, make your ass made bill
Homie, niggas twice when we overkill
Video hoes that made them starts, fuck your money, fuck your cars
Nigga spit some hot bars
Wack motherfuckers out here tryna bust
You can trust me they are not hard
Hollywood-ass motherfuckers in here
Always acting like they some stars
If it ain't ruff, nigga it ain't the villain
Ren where you been, homie I've been chilling
Can't belivie how y'all fools let these wack motherfuckers in the building
E-A-Ski, MC Ren, yeah nigga I'm back again
Everytime I take a break
Garbage-ass niggas wanna be fake villains and put them back in
Y'all know what time it is
It can only be one villan, Im about to hurt their feelings
Villains ain't got no feelings

Throw your shit in the air
It's that rebel music
Like you don't fucking fucking care
It's that rebel music
Ren about to put it down on fools right now
With that rebel music
It's that rebel music, that that rebel music

Rebel music, niggas off in these streets
Ain't got shit to eat, rob your ass and fall asleep
To that rebel music, motherfucker bust the police
Can't be black and get peace, that brutality increase
These wack fools don't cease, putting that wack shit out
That bragging about that money shit, we can do it out
Nigga watch your mouth, don't forget I'm the villain
Nigga I gave birth to y'all
Stop to retire to fill you niggas, but to realise y'all wasn't worth the call
First of all, y'all shit be wack, homies ain't gone tell you that
Especially when they kiss your ass and they smoking up your sack
Homie step to the back, villain coming, still alwayz into something
Still all my shit bumping, while all y'all niggas all about nothing
West coast bomb, me and my nigga Ski
Me and my nigga be, like me and my nigga E
Two hard motherfuckers that you can't see
So don't fuck with me, nigga it's that O.G

It's that rebel music, that that rebel music

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